Kaitlin Enneking


The tallest mountain in the continental United States couldn’t stop Kaitlin from accomplishing her goals—literally. She reached the summit of Mount Whitney in 2015, and she climbs mountains for her clients and team every day.

If there’s a will, there’s a way—and Kaitlin has a strong will for turning tough situations into wins. A subject matter expert in wellness and employee engagement, Kaitlin creates a true partnership with her clients to ensure each is able to actualize their strategic objectives. And she leads our Wellness Team to help achieve success.

Kaitlin is a graduate of Indiana University and holds a Life and Health Insurance license. When she’s not working, she enjoys backpacking trips with her husband, daughter, and two dogs and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.

Strengths: Ideation, Significance, Input, Futuristic, Communication