Julie Bingham


Julie is a master of translation; she can distill complex technical compensation concepts and messages into clear, helpful information for employers and employees. At FirstPerson, Julie draws upon her deep expertise in compensation to help clients evaluate their total compensation packages in light of the organizational culture and the marketplace. Simply put, Julie helps businesses hire and maintain the best talent in their industry.

With more than 15 years of human resources experience, Julie has worked as a consultant for global professional firms. She was also a Senior Consultant at FlashPoint, developing creative human resource and management solutions for a variety of clients.

When she’s not working, Julie loves to be outdoors and spend time with family. Rumor has it that she owns a flock of flamingo yard ornaments that randomly “land” on other people’s lawns.

Julie graduated from Vanderbilt University with her bachelor’s degree in human and organizational development and received her MBA from Portland State University, with a concentration in human resources. She is also SPHR certified.