The only benefits management approach of its kind in Indiana.

MyChoice is a benefits strategy tool that leverages traditional benefits and supports a smooth transition to the individual marketplace. It’s a platform that evolves with the changing health care landscape, and engages and educates employees. Beyond benefits, MyChoice can integrate employee engagement programs to enhance the employment experience.

Built-in Flexibility for Your Benefits Strategy

Your benefits strategy a year from now may look very different from your five-year strategy. MyChoice is the tool to drive that strategy, whether you’re just looking for streamlined enrollment and cost savings with your group plan or are planning a future without group benefits. We serve organizations from those who offer benefits all the way to those driving employees to the individual marketplace.

Disbanding our health plan was a big decision. We didn't want to lose employees over health care, so we know we needed to do it right. FirstPerson walked us through the whole process.

—Scott Swisher, Citadel Architectural Group

MyChoice Advantage

MyChoice revolutionizes the benefits experience for employers and employees. With MyChoice you:

  • Gain a strategic partner to create the best outcomes for your business and employees
  • Maintain control of your employment experience
  • Get time- and money-saving employee support; enrollment assistance and Care Line ongoing support
  • Customize wellness program integration
  • Engage and educate employees

Read Citadel’s Case Study to see how MyChoice helped develop a plan that worked for the company and its employees.