Health Snapshot

Picture Your Health

Health Snapshot is a screening tool that provides an in-depth look at your employees’ current health status.

Employer Rewards

  •  Integration of wellness into the workplace culture, which illustrates your vested interest in employees’ health and well-being
  • Foundational component for building strategic health and wellness initiatives over time
  • First step toward raising employee and dependent (if applicable) awareness of current health status
  • Comprehensive employer-level reporting that provides a snapshot of the overall health of the population
  • Results that can be tied to participatory or health-contingent incentive strategies

Employee Advantages

  • Learn about health status and identify modifiable risk factors to be in better control of health
  • Acknowledge biometric results and ideal ranges through a personal results statement
  • Opportunity to speak with a professional health coach to review results and outline actionable goals (program option)

“Thanks to Health Snapshot, our employees now have better relationships with their physicians. A few employees have even had life-saving results.

—Abby Ford, Allied Solutions