Butler’s FirstPerson MBA Board Fellows Program Releases 2017 Report to the Community

The 2017 Report to the Community for FirstPerson’s MBA Board Fellows Program at Butler’s Lacy School of Business has been released. The report highlights the present accomplishments and future goals of the program.

Four years ago, Butler University and FirstPerson teamed up to provide a more in-depth, connected experience for the MBA Board Fellows Program. Because Butler and FirstPerson have always been aligned in their beliefs about the importance of individual engagement, volunteerism, and community leadership, it was a natural partnership.

“When this opportunity arose, I knew we could help with the program’s sustainability and expansion,” explains Bryan Brenner, FirstPerson CEO. “Students were being connected with organizations, but the connections weren’t necessarily deep enough. Instituting the Mentor piece of the program created more consistency and accessibility. The Mentor mindset we’ve established ensures a more personal, one-on-one connection between our Mentors and our Fellows.”

Read the full 2017 Report to the Community here.