Willard Park Neighborhood Project

Imagine a city defined by strong neighborhoods, inspired places, and a clean, flourishing environment. That’s exactly the city Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) is striving to create in Indianapolis.

This year, The PEEP Project is excited to be a part of KIB’s mission, and contribute our volunteer efforts to the Willard Park Neighborhood project. We are partnering with the organization on this specific project on three separate days throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Our goal is to transform an empty lot of dirt, trash, and weeds into a green space surrounded by mostly concrete, urban surroundings. The final result will include native green plants and trees, as well as a few unique art pieces. After its completion, the neighborhood will be free to enjoy the space for outdoor activities and picnics, as well as have a safe spot for children to play. We’re excited to continue this partnership and can’t wait to see the final result!

To see photos of phase 1 of the project, click here.

About Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
The nonprofit organization was founded in 1976 as Indianapolis Clean City, preceding a name change in 1997. Over the past 30 years, KIB has been partnering with neighborhoods, the public sector, and Indianapolis community groups and businesses to achieve their vision for a beautiful city. And there are plenty of opportunities to get involved! Every year, KIB supports an average of 500 community improvement projects with more than 30,000 volunteers, and they always welcome those who don’t mind getting covered in dirt.