Brackets for Good

Take a love for competition and mix it with a passion for supporting nonprofits in Central Indiana, and what do you get? The PEEP Project’s crazy obsession with Brackets for Good!

The Brackets for Good story explains why: On April 4, 2011, after realizing the city’s support for Butler University during March Madness, Matt McIntyre and Matt Duncan wondered if that type of enthusiasm could be put to good use. A brainstorming session resulted in the idea for an online bracket system that would benefit Indianapolis nonprofit organizations. Hello, Brackets for Good!

Since our introduction to Brackets for Good in 2014, The PEEP Project now gets a chance to get behind 64 Indianapolis nonprofits. Being a division sponsors for the tournament, we saw our “Cinderella story” make it to the final round in 2014.

What’s more, we’ve taken our sponsorship a step further. Every year, Peeps are invited to an Engaged Eight Party: one that invites the final 8 nonprofits remaining to a cocktail hour to share what they’re doing in the community. We can’t learn enough about those serving our community, and our partnership with Brackets for Good makes learning much more fun.