The cost of chasing savings


mAccounting had worked with FirstPerson before, but it was lured away by a firm offering a dramatically less expensive technology-based solution. The result was disastrous. The technology was fine, but the advisory support was non-existent. When it came to getting the guidance necessary to make big decisions, mAccounting quickly discovered it was on its own – and out of its element dealing with benefits issues well outside the leadership team’s expertise. And that low price? It lasted about two years, and then mAccounting was back to paying what it had in the past … for a much lower level of service and virtually no advisory guidance.


Part of the solution was simply to return to FirstPerson and pick up where the two firms left off, resuming the relationship and seeing what new opportunities FirstPerson could bring to the table. Well-versed in mAccounting’s business of offering financial services – from bookkeeping to CFO services – FirstPerson helped mAccounting get a handle on its benefits situation, guiding the firm to the benefits products and services that best serve the growing operation.

FirstPerson doesn’t just shop insurance for you. They take a holistic view of benefits. For a small business owner, that’s invaluable.

—Tom Gabbert, mAccounting


While mAccounting only recently returned to FirstPerson, the results are already obvious in a couple of ways. First, Gabbert and his team are getting the expert guidance they need as they begin the process of re-assessing their benefit options. Second, they’re getting the high-touch attention they found lacking from the tech-based firm. In fact, Gabbert recently got a note from the member of his team who coordinates benefits, praising the high level of service she is receiving, as well as FirstPerson’s attention to detail. The bottom line for Gabbert? He knows mAccounting’s benefits decisions are being guided by experts, so his team can focus on its expertise. And that, he says, is a solution that delivers real value.