Hamilton County Government

Innovative approach supports best-in-class benefits


The team at FirstPerson met Hamilton County in 2011. At this point, the Affordable Care Act had been signed into law and was beginning to take shape, which alerted Hamilton County to the fact that they needed to work to tighten up plan administration.


In working with Hamilton County, the team at FirstPerson created an approach that took the budget into consideration and provided the Board of Commissioners with ongoing analysis, while adhering to a strict timeline. The process that was developed focused on FirstPerson’s guidance around the requirements and desires set forth by Hamilton County.

FirstPerson and their Team have provided Hamilton County with the best service and innovative ideas to provide our employees peace of mind with their benefits package.

—Steve Dillinger, Hamilton County


To Hamilton County, adhering to a budget was of high importance. Therefore, FirstPerson’s management of data and analytics gave Hamilton County projections of claim spend, employer-sponsored benefit offering costs, and trend and claims increases. In addition, overall analysis throughout the year yielded measurement of various data points such as network performance, clinic savings, prescription drug program performance, and high claimant details/case management notes. Furthermore, employee education and communication was built out to support the development and enhancements.