Building Meaningful Work Experiences

FirstPerson helps identify and define an organization’s internal culture—the good and the bad—and works to cultivate and communicate an employment experience that is fulfilling for employer and employee.

Employee Communication

Tell them you care. Our team designs employee communication strategies that resonate, ensuring teams are informed, involved, and inspired.

Internal Branding

Define your organization’s identity. Formalizing and defining an internal brand clarifies a business’s vision and rallies employees around a purpose.


Well-being programs are a proven strategy for increasing employee performance and lowering the cost of health coverage.

Our approach is to design a people strategy with our partners.

Experience FirstPerson

Explore how a healthier people strategy works.

Go Live Smart

The Go Live Smart platform provides employees with the tools and resources they need to make benefits and wellness decisions they’ll feel good about.

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Internal Branding

Successful programs are supported by strong communication. We create custom messaging and materials to speak specifically to your employees and culture.

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Health Snapshot

A screening tool that provides an in-depth look at your employees’ current health status.

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Working with FirstPerson has been incredibly beneficial for Sun King! They have helped us navigate the Affordable Care Act, as well as to implement wellness and smoking cessation initiatives that are helping make Sun King a better place to work. — Clay Robinson, Sun King Brewery