The Vitals That Matter

FirstPerson designs benefit and compensation strategies that turn a company’s biggest variable into one of their strongest assets.

Health Benefits

We create custom employee benefit solutions. Our reputation is built on our ability to stay fluent in ever-changing regulations, and develop long-term health plan strategies.


We bring certainty to compensation plans by balancing an organization's talent needs with current industry compensation benchmarks and trends.


We understand how costly compliance mistakes can be for your company. That's why we keep you ahead of the changing landscape to mitigate health plan risks.

Our approach is to design a people strategy with our partners.

Experience FirstPerson

Explore how a healthier people strategy works.

My Wellness Bucks

A wellness reimbursement program for employees, giving them the ability to invest in their well-being.

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Care Line

Through the Care Line, your employees get direct access to the answers they need so they can be more efficient and focused on their work.

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FirstPerson and their team of advisers have proven to be invaluable partners to us and our clients year over year. They are a steady beacon in an otherwise choppy sea of healthcare. As far as I'm concerned, you set the standard for great service. Thanks for all that you do! — Andrea Brummett, The Pabulum Group