We are a multi-disciplinary advisory

With roots that date back to 1968, we built this company on the ability to deeply know our clients. And that will never change. FirstPerson is—and always has been—tenacious in our approach to serving clients. As a result, we have positively impacted millions of lives by helping our clients provide their employees with quality benefits they understand.

We pride ourselves on forming long-lasting, strategic partnerships on your behalf. Including our membership with National Financial Partners (NFP), meaning you’ll always have the tools necessary to develop smarter people strategies. It’s all accomplished  in the following areas:


We’re fluent in the changing healthcare regulations. We help our partners design benefits packages based on their specific needs and objectives.


We help our partners understand the market and execute a compensation strategy that is fair and informed.


We help our partners make informed choices that lessen the risk of penalties.

Employee Communication

We specialize in benefits education and engagement strategies that create strong, rewarding relationships with your employees.

HR Strategy

We work with our partners to design a workplace that attracts and retains talent.

HR Technology

We provide the expertise you need to find HR technologies that cohesively tackle your communication and administration challenges.

Internal Branding

We help organizations define and articulate an internal brand that resonates with employees to clarify purpose and align objectives.


We take a holistic approach—assessing culture, individual health, wellness needs, and medical and claims data—to design a program based on your needs.